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Featured in my favorite Decor Blog :)


The KeyBunch is a Decor Blog adorned by Sharon D Souza who is also been featured on The Huffington Post recently for the beauty she brought to her home from her Grandmother’s Attic. If you are interested head over to her blog to read more about the Treasure Trove of her Grandmother’s finds & also the beautiful homes she has chosen for her Home Tours!

Link : Decorating with the Indian Pickle Jar & many more.

It’s really an honor for me to be featured in her blog for the August issue nested under the topic – 5 Amazing Products that caught my eye 🙂

Thank you very much Sharon for the lovely feature and such a wonderful write -up 🙂

Link : 5 Amazing Product’s that Caught My Eyes – August by Sharon


UDAAN – Its an inspiring musical journey !

First of its kind in Munich, Germany.

Such an exciting collaboration for Golden Trees Creations with D4Dance- Germany & Pavan Prasad team for the crowd funded Project UDAAN- FIRST INDIAN BOLLYWOOD MUSICAL IN MUNICH.

The painting was based on the theme they are going to perform on Sep 16th, 2016.

So far now, the story can’t be disclosed 🙂

Pavan, came up with this wonderful concept and approached to create this in the form of Artwork. They team wanted Indian Folk Art Dances & International Dances with 5 Elements of the Universe, Cityscapes of Munich & the logos of D4D & UDAAN incorporated in a single canvas.

The various Indian folk dances or semi-classical dances included are : Bihu, Manipuri, Poikaal kuthirai, Garba, Puppetry, Dandiya, Punjabi, Karagatam, Lavani & Kathak Semi classical version & International dance forms like Flamingo, Ballet, Jazz, Latin, Rock Band & Bavarian Schuhplattler. IMG_1751 (2)

Can you all spot the Hero of the Event in the centre on the painting, with Munich cityscapes?

The 5 elements of the Universe are represented in the background with great texture as impressionist style starting from the top as Space, Air, Fire, Water & Earth. To mark the artwork D4Dance-Germany & UDAAN Logos were added to the painting.

For more close-up shots, Click here.
Support them for their crowd funding on their site which ends in 4 days: https://www.startnext.com/bollywoodmusical-udaan.

They put their hearts into it. go check out their videos on :

Thank u Pavan Prasad for such a wonderful opportunity to be a part of your team !

Camouflage, PRISM Series

It’s all about ”how I see Wildlife and nature in my eyes” & how one form leads to another.

Camouflage wm final-min

Peacock feathers look like the grasslands and how butterflies and bees keeps humming around it with bunnies to play around; that in turn looks like sea waves, and the sea waves look like the Swan’s Feathers- & when with its wings open-it looks like the other half of the Butterfly wings; & how the abdomen of the Swan looks like a Fish! how the Kingfisher bird is camouflaged with the sea & flies towards the sky!
The elephants trunk seem to be a snake; the edge of the Macaw Parrot wings towards its end is complete black which is camouflaged with the elephants body and how the ends forms the cob web of the Spider! And how the dark nature creates the Horse!
Over the Peacock’s Helmet is a Bird of Paradise Bird’s(BOPB) leg which is camouflaged with the Lion and Stag in the forest! The wings of BOPB forms one of the nest of Bird of Paradise Bird! (There is one BOP Bird which collects things: be it leaf or caps or flowers etc to decorates his surroundings with its favourite color to attract his mate. Have shown here blue coloured collection under the nest which is also camouflaged with the peacocks feather).
I always see that the Stag have horns that are identical to the Bird of Paradise Plant or a branch of a Tree. And u all know how the Humming Birds are attracted to the bright colored Bird of Paradise Plant! Have u ever seen how the Tiger camouflages itself and hides silently on the tree trunk? And the cute little Love birds have their feathers totally identical to Tigers fur!
Finally, how MOTHER NATURE stands in the center with its own pride of nurturing all these in her land & one can see how each one surrenders itself !!!