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UDAAN – Its an inspiring musical journey !

First of its kind in Munich, Germany.

Such an exciting collaboration for Golden Trees Creations with D4Dance- Germany & Pavan Prasad team for the crowd funded Project UDAAN- FIRST INDIAN BOLLYWOOD MUSICAL IN MUNICH.

The painting was based on the theme they are going to perform on Sep 16th, 2016.

So far now, the story can’t be disclosed 🙂

Pavan, came up with this wonderful concept and approached to create this in the form of Artwork. They team wanted Indian Folk Art Dances & International Dances with 5 Elements of the Universe, Cityscapes of Munich & the logos of D4D & UDAAN incorporated in a single canvas.

The various Indian folk dances or semi-classical dances included are : Bihu, Manipuri, Poikaal kuthirai, Garba, Puppetry, Dandiya, Punjabi, Karagatam, Lavani & Kathak Semi classical version & International dance forms like Flamingo, Ballet, Jazz, Latin, Rock Band & Bavarian Schuhplattler. IMG_1751 (2)

Can you all spot the Hero of the Event in the centre on the painting, with Munich cityscapes?

The 5 elements of the Universe are represented in the background with great texture as impressionist style starting from the top as Space, Air, Fire, Water & Earth. To mark the artwork D4Dance-Germany & UDAAN Logos were added to the painting.

For more close-up shots, Click here.
Support them for their crowd funding on their site which ends in 4 days: https://www.startnext.com/bollywoodmusical-udaan.

They put their hearts into it. go check out their videos on :

Thank u Pavan Prasad for such a wonderful opportunity to be a part of your team !